We are on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding and effectively using emerging and social media. Rules are rewritten each day as to how we best reach various audiences on behalf of our clients and we stay ahead of the trend.

We provide strategic counsel and apply aggressive public relations tactics to expand your internal communication team. We recommend strategies that translate ROI to increased awareness and sales. We relate results directly back to sales through targeted measurement.


The adage goes that you can spend a dollar and half will go to attracting new customers… you just don’t know which half.

Traditional methods of communication, advertising, and marketing are nearly impossible to measure. But, with the advent of technology, measuring your brand awareness, in non-traditional ways, is becoming much easier to show a return-on-investment. But it’s no longer just about brand awareness. You suddenly are able to engage, one-on-one, with your customers. Engagement equals loyalty. And loyalty equals spend. We are the alternative to your traditional marketing efforts.

External Communication

While the field has changed as traditional media closes shop and journalists begin to blog, the backbone of any communication program continues to be media and blogger relations. When married with news releases optimized for search engines, media and blogger relations become more about relationships and less about as many stories as possible that don’t translate to a return on your investment. Targeting the highly influential journalists and bloggers for your industry allows your budget to go further while increasing sales.

Corporate Communication

Issues management, financial communication, executive presentations, internal communication, and comprehensive crisis management strategies fill the corporate communication role. Our industry expertise is vast, spanning multiple sectors: Finance, manufacturing, technology, retail, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, education, museums, and entertainment venues.

Executive Support

While it can be challenging to be consistent in your messaging, it is absolutely essential in today’s world of instant media and sound bites. Our media training experts not only prepare you for media interviews, we work with you continually to become comfortable delivering the same message every time you speak with reporters. We also help your executives with speech writing, presentation skills, and speech preparation.

Crisis Communication

When things go wrong, it’s comforting to know that you have a partner that is skilled in assessing the situation and minimizing the potential negative effect it can have in the media.

Internal Communication

Whether engaging employees in the roll out of a new product or equipping franchisees with key messages, communication with key internal audiences makes a world of difference. Our experience ranges from conducting extensive leadership communication workshops and private executive coaching sessions to writing newsletters, video scripts, and Web site copy.

Litigation Support

Whether dealing with the aftermath of a legal battle or creating strategies to manage potential litigation, we respect the dynamic of effective counsel balanced with essential communication with key stakeholders. No matter how specialized your needs might be, chances are we have the depth and breadth of experience that enable us to make an immediate and important contribution.

Public Affairs

Building alliances with key stakeholder groups, meeting with elected officials, activating community supporters are all within the experience of Arment Dietrich. Whether garnering support for a new retail development, educating targeted groups about fair housing rights or child health and wellness programs, proposing public policy changes, we create strategies and bring together resources to meet diverse client needs.

Special events

Whether a trade show, a reception, or a full-blown event, special events are what deliver customer engagement, visibility, and celebration. Combine that with the backbone of media and blogger relations and your budget is stretched even further through flexibility and beating your competition to the dance.