Paid Media used to be all about media buys in print, broadcast, radio, and digital.

That’s not what we do. Paid media done the Arment Dietrich way means this: Paid and promoted content using the social networks; to capture leads, reach the right kind of customers, and excite fans and followers, turning them into your most passionate brand advocates.

A carefully designed Facebook fan acquisition campaign? Building lead-nurturing frameworks for first-time and repeat customers? Increasing the size of your email database? All of the paid media strategies are uniquely structured around YOU—to bring you what you need, and help you reach your goals.

Paid media also works in support of earned, owned, and shared media, resulting in higher quality leads and a shortened purchase consideration cycle.


In the past, we called Earned Media “media relations” or “traditional PR.” Well, this isn’t your granddaddy’s earned media.

Today’s earned media means getting other people to talk about your business, your product, or your service…journalists, bloggers, influencers, and even loyal customers.

Relationships are the cornerstone of earned media and, because you are working to build trust with other human beings, it is a marathon approach. This isn’t a sprint. You have to take care to build and maintain trust, year-after-year.

There is a three-pronged approach to earned media: Content hubs, offsite content marketing, and build expertise in the eyes of Google.

This approach creates opportunities for you to gain awareness, help your search engine optimization efforts, and drive qualified leads to your website.


Social media is ideally suited to help spread the word about disability insurance and awareness. It presents a perfect platform to leverage the power of social proof through stories.

Your shared media content strategy draws heavily on your owned content strategy. Blog posts, engaging video, gifs, images, and other visual content integrate to further drive engagement and interaction on social channels.

As with every media type in the PESO model, this includes clear metrics to measure against and provide important feedback, allowing us to reassess the effectiveness of your shared media efforts throughout the lifecycle of your communications outreach.

This isn’t about more Facebook likes, Twitter followers, or YouTube viewers. A successful shared media strategy focuses on sharing important content that drives qualified leads back to your site, and creates an online community who help you build your brand.


Content is, indeed, king. Consumers are savvier than ever before. In fact, 70 percent say they prefer to learn about an organization through a series of articles, rather than a series of ads.

Owned media consists of web properties you own, such as your corporate website and blog, webinars, videos and, podcasts, eBooks, and mobile applications, that are unique to your brand.

While your voice may be digitally amplified—in particular, through paid, earned, and shared media—owned media doesn’t yell and sell.

Rather, it pulls consumers toward you organically because they are interested in and curious about what you have to say. They rely on you for compelling, informative, engaging content. They are tuned in rather than tuned out.

A solid owned media strategy compliments the rest of the PESO model, increases brand visibility, and brings you solid return-on-investment.